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All You Need to Know about Commercial Access Control Systems

It may seem obvious to anyone who’s ever owned a business that there are different rules and regulations for commercial properties than there are for residences. Businesses must guarantee that their entryways comply with local and state standards for access.


Business owners are also aware of the need for top-notch security to make sure their properties are safe from theft and break-ins. You might wonder what to do when you’re looking for the proper balance between security and accessibility. Rather than figure it out on your own, call a professional service that specializes in commercial locking systems like Safety Locksmith.


Accessibility Requirements

Each state and municipality has its own set of regulations addressing the requirements for locks and accessibility to commercial properties. Many of them deal specifically with convenience for customers and employees with disabilities.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) put in place federal laws and regulations dictating proper accessibility. The ADA has included rules for locks and latches so that most people, including those with disabilities, will have no trouble using doors in the case of emergencies.


Any latch or handle must be operable with one hand and shouldn’t require too much energy to open. Also, all handles and locks should be no more than 48 inches (4 feet) above the floor surface. This ensures that people in wheelchairs can use them without effort.


Fortunately, lock companies, door manufacturers, and door installers have responded by manufacturing hundreds of ADA-compliant locks and latches for commercial doors. Safety Locksmith has experience with all of the ADA regulations, and our knowledgeable staff is familiar with the proper installation and operation of most of the available commercial lock options.


Securing Medical Records

If your business deals with properly protecting medical or patient records, you’re also subject to HIPAA regulations. You may need to consider this when thinking about the security and locks of your commercial property.


An essential provision of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is that you must fully secure all medical records. Only people allowed by HIPAA to have access to these records should have access to the room or storage facility where they’re kept.


As a business owner, you probably have other things to think about than how well your security systems comply with state and federal guidelines. Fortunately, quality locksmith companies like Safety Locksmith can handle those questions for you. With your help, we’ll assess all of your commercial lock needs and come up with the best solutions that comply with federal statutes.


These days there are more options than ever for HIPAA-compliant locking systems, including smart apps and electronic keypads. There is no reason you can’t secure your business while remaining compliant with federal codes with much less effort and expense than ever before.

If you need help making sense of ADA and HIPAA regulations as they apply to the entrances and security of your business, give Safety Locksmith a call. We have experience complying with federal, state, and local standards for lock and security solutions.


locksmith express keypad lock Dallas

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