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All You Need to Know about House Locks

When people think of home security, they often think of the flashy and most expensive options first. They consider things like a smart home security system with a keypad and a dispatcher on 24-hour standby. While that is one – costly – option for a home security system, it isn’t the first thing on the list.

Expensive, high-tech systems are fantastic, but the first lines of defense in anyone’s home security system are simple door and window locks. These days, house locks come in thousands of different styles, offering varying degrees of security. You might not be aware of it, but there is even a method of categorizing the security level on home locks.


What are the most important things to know about home locks? How do you choose which lock system is right for your home? In this post, we’ll give you a quick primer on some of the new features that modern locks have and how to go about choosing the right lock for your home.


How is a Grade 1 lock different from a Grade 3 lock?

The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) issues certification for lock manufacturers in three different grades. Grade 1 is the highest security locking system, while Grade 3 is a lower grade. Make sure BHMA officially certifies the manufacturer of your home locks.


Interior doors usually don’t require as much security as exterior doors, but your choice depends significantly on the area you’d like to lock.


What different lock styles are available?

The first type of door lock is the most conventional and the least secure – the door handle lock. Handle locks work by using a key to disable the handle latch bolt. The latch mechanism isn’t robust, so these are easily defeated by either picking the lock or kicking the door hard in the right spot.


Next up from simple latch locks are deadbolts, which often combine with the latch lock to improve security. Deadbolts have a thicker bolt that connects to the door frame, forming a much more solid barrier. Your key slides the deadbolt out of place to allow access.


Then there are various high-tech, electronic upgrades for these two basic systems. Keypad entries can either include a physical key or not, depending on your preference. Wireless Bluetooth locks are now coming on the market which open or lock based on an app or a wireless key card.


Which style of lock is the best for my door?

Door locks come in thousands of different styles and designs. It can get overwhelming when scrolling through even a fraction of them. Some of them are great for interior doors, and some are designed specifically for external entrance doors.


Consider the style of the door you’re securing with the lock. Some locks look better than others, but you shouldn’t prioritize appearance over peace of mind. Find the right style of lock for your door’s look and function. Manufacturers often produce increasingly secure locks with similar characteristics so that customers don’t have to sacrifice security for style.


These days there are more locking options for your home than ever before, which means more security and more choices. Consider your budget along with your security needs and door style when picking the right one for you.

Meta: Locks come in different styles and grades, and you don’t necessarily need to choose the most expensive option to secure your home.

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