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Are you locked out of your car in the middle of the night? Did you accidentally break your key in the ignition? Our trusted automotive locksmith service in Las Vegas provides a quick and easy solution to any auto lock and key problem.

Here at Safety Locksmith Las Vegas, our team of professional car locksmiths is available to assist you in any locksmith emergency. We will dispatch a certified, licensed, and insured Las Vegas locksmith to your location as quickly as possible. We provide a variety of services ranging from automotive keys, remotes, transponder keys programming, and ignition cylinder repair.  Whether it is a simple car lockout or an emergency key replacement, our auto locksmiths will get the job done professionally and efficiently.

We understand that your safety and security are of utmost importance, so we use only the best products available in the market. Our auto locksmiths have experience working with all major car makes and models and can provide a reliable service no matter what type of car you have.


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Reliable 24/7 Automotive Locksmith LAS VEGAS

Safety Locksmith Las Vegas is a trusted and reliable 24/7 automotive locksmith in Las Vegas, offering professional automotive lock and ignition repairs, key programming, and re-key services. We are professionally trained and equipped with the latest technology to meet all your needs in a fast, prompt, and efficient manner.

If you are visiting or living in the city of Las Vegas, then you must know that safety is the most important thing for you. We are a one-stop solution for all your emergency automotive locksmith needs. We believe in keeping our customers happy with responsive and effective services by booking an appointment, we will reach your location on time to provide you with full security and peace of mind.

Auto Locksmith Services

Auto lockouts are common in Las Vegas. Our auto locksmith services can help you get on your way quickly and efficiently, using our expertise and tools to safely resolve your issue. Here are the services that we offer:

Key Duplication

Key Duplication is a way to ensure that you will always be able to enter your car when locked out. Our car key duplication service is a quick and efficient way of making extra copies of your car keys. These extra keys can help in times when you’re running late or when you lose your only set of keys.

Replacement Keys

If you have misplaced your keys, or simply want to upgrade the locks on your car, we can help. Our car key replacement Las Vegas service specializes in cutting any type of key from your old set. We also offer transponder key replacement and an extensive selection of new locks that are sure to make any vehicle safer and more secure. If you need to replace a key, we offer an affordable key replacement service. We do most jobs in under an hour and our top priority is customer satisfaction.

Rekey Car

We also rekey car locks if you want to make sure your car is secure. This will make it so that your current key won’t work for your vehicle anymore, but it also makes it so that thieves won’t be able to use the old keys they have on them to access your car’s door locks.

As long as you have a spare key handy, you can get in and out of your car whenever you need to. However, if the spare key doesn’t work correctly or there is a problem with it that needs repairing, we can rekey any spare or replacement keys you may have between our services.

Ignition Replacement

When a car lock becomes nonfunctional for any reason, it has to be replaced to allow the use of the car again. It is a good idea to regularly check on the condition of your locks, as they can break down unexpectedly. Car lock replacement service is very helpful in situations where you want to replace the existing lock with a new one immediately. The service involves changing the old locks with new ones.

Lock Replacement

When a car lock becomes nonfunctional for any reason, it has to be replaced to allow the use of the car again. It is a good idea to regularly check on the condition of your locks, as they can break down unexpectedly. Car lock replacement service is very helpful in situations where you want to replace the existing lock with a new one immediately. The service involves changing the old locks with new ones.

Car Lockouts

This service is very helpful in case you lost your car keys or you left them inside your car. Our fast response time will ensure that your vehicle is unlocked within minutes. Our highly-skilled technicians provide excellence in car lockouts. In case of an emergency, we will be there to provide you with fast service. We use only the most advanced equipment and techniques to get you back on the road.

Fob Programming

Fob programming or car key programming is a highly secure way to keep your car safe. Your fob can be programmed with three to four different settings, depending on the vehicle’s make and model. For example, some vehicles have options that include the ability to lock the doors upon ignition and unlock them when you walk away from your car. This is one of our most popular services among customers looking for mobile auto locksmiths.

Ignition Repair

The ignition lock cylinder is a mechanical device that keeps the car engine from running unless you have the correct key. Over time, a worn-out or damaged ignition may cause the key not to turn into this part of your car’s security system. Our ignition repair service can fix ignition problems as well as repair broken ignition switches or starters.

Emergency Lockouts

Car safety and security are on the rise in Las Vegas, which means emergency lockouts when keys get lost or broken into your vehicle. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency lockouts that come with professional and fast service at an affordable price.

Key Extraction

Our company also offers a key extraction service that removes keys from the lock. This process usually takes less than 15 minutes and involves breaking off the remaining portion of the key with special tools.

We Are Your Fastest Local Automotive Locksmith

Safety Locksmith Las Vegas is your local car locksmith expert in the field of automotive security and safety. Our trained technicians will always arrive on time, and we provide same-day services. We use high-quality parts to ensure your vehicle is safe and secure again at every stage of our servicing process.

Our Round The Clock Mobile Locksmith

Should you need a locksmith, our 24-hour service is here for you. Our round-the-clock mobile locksmith Las Vegas service has been providing quality workmanship for years. Experienced and well-trained in all facets of commercial, residential, and automotive locksmithing. From simple mobile key fob service and lock re-keys to key replacements, we are prepared to serve all your locksmithing needs.

Need a Reliable Emergency Car Locksmith?

For the best automotive locksmith service in Las Vegas, contact Safety Locksmith Las Vegas. We are professional and experienced with thousands of happy customers throughout Southern Nevada.

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We are a 24-hour emergency car locksmith service. We also do car, truck, and SUVs, ignition keys, door locks, emergency lockouts as well as transponder key programming. Call us today at (702) 970-4844 for all your automotive locksmith needs!


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