Best Places to Live in Las Vegas, Nevada

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This region is popularly known as the city of Las Vegas, is a Spanish word, which means ”The Meadow”. The city is among the most populated cities in the United States of America and concurrently the most populated in Nevada.

The city is located in the western United States of America. The city granted itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World. Many activities occur in this particular city, .it is very famous for the mega-casino hotels it anchors. It is ranked top three in the United States for being the best global leader for the hospitality industry and other business conventions. Some of the best places to live in Las Vegas NV are:

Spring Valley

The Spring Valley is a suburb has a population of approximately 199,722 residents. The Valley is found in Clark County, and it is considered one of the best places to live. Spring Valley gives residents a fascinating suburban feeling and results in most people renting their homes. Spring Valley hosts a lot of coffee shops, bars, parks, and restaurants. People who live in Spring Valley tend to be liberal even though they are young professionals. Also, all public schools in Spring Valley range above average.


Pahrump is one of the towns found in Nevada, having a population of about 36 174. Pahrump is located in Nye County. Most of the people who retire prefer living in Pahrump since the residents tend to very conservative. Moreover, Pahrump offers its residents a suburban rural mix feeling. Pahrump town is the best place to live in Las Vegas, NV.


Henderson is a city having which has apopulation of 291,346 residents. The city is situated in Clark County. Henderson city is practically one of the best places to live. Living in Henderson is quite enjoyable and gives residents a dense suburban feeling. Which, in turn, leads to most residents owning most of their homes. Henderson also has got many parks.

Most middle-aged professionals live in Henderson, and residents seem to have a little of political views. In terms of education, Henderson schools strive well and are generally above average.

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This city has a population of about 164,314 residents. Enterprise is a suburb found in Clark County. Enterprise is one of the best places in the Western United States for one to live in. Like many other suburbs, Enterprise offers dense suburban feelings to its residents, and in turn, most residents own most of their homes. Enterprise also has got a lot of parks, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Many young professionals and families live in this region. The residents of Enterprise seem to lean liberal. Schools in Enterprise are above average.


Just like its name, Paradise offers its residents an urban feeling; therefore, most residents tend to rent their home. Paradise city has a total population of 233,689. The city is also found in Clark County. Young professionals and also families who live in Paradise are more liberal. As far as education is concerned, schools in Paradise lie above average. Places of refreshments like restaurants, bars, parks, and coffee shops are found in Paradise.


Winchester suburb is found in Clark County in the Western United States, having a population of 28,331. Most residents and families live in Winchester and also tend to be liberal. The urban feelings felt by the residents residing in Winchester results in many residents renting their homes. Winchester has a lot of restaurants, bars, parks, and coffee shops.

Sunrise Manor

Sunrise Manor is a suburb with a population of 192 934. It forms part of the Clark County. Sunrise Manor exhibits a dense suburban feeling to residents, and thus most of their homes are rented by the residence. Most people who live in Sunrise Manor tend to be liberal. The suburb has the best parks and bars altogether.

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