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Whether you own a business or operate a property management company, commercial door locks are an essential part of any commercial operation. There are many types of Commercial locks to choose from and they should be installed by professionals. Whether you run a small cafe or manage multiple units for a hotel chain, it’s important to have the right security measures in place to protect your investment and keep customers safe.

Commercial door locks are essential for any business

Whether you’re a business owner or operate a property management company, commercial door locks are essential for any business. These types of locks can be used to protect property and assets that your company owns or manages. They also provide an added layer of protection for your employees and customers by preventing theft, vandalism and even fire from occurring on the premises.

Commercial door locks are an affordable investment that can help save you money in the long run by preventing losses due to theft or vandalism as well as injury caused by unauthorized access during emergencies such as fires.

Door locks are a necessary part of any business. They ensure that your business is secure and safe, and also prevent theft. If you don’t have the right doors or locks, it can be a huge liability if something happens to your building or products.

You should always get professional help when installing new door locks. Incorrect installation can lead to safety hazards and increased risk of break-ins.

Types of Commercial Locks

There are many types of commercial locks in the market today. We will be discussing some of the main types below.

Commercial strike locks

Commercial Strike Locks are the simplest and least expensive type of lock. They’re installed on the door jamb. This is the area at the edge of your door where it meets with your wall or frame. Strike locks can be easily installed by professional locksmiths. They’re not as secure as other kinds of commercial locks. They also make it harder for you to lock a deadbolt or knob in place. You will have to line up two different parts instead of just one piece like with some other types of commercial locks.

Keyless entry systems 

Keyless Entry Systems provide more convenience than traditional keyed entry do because they allow users to unlock doors using an access card or fob instead of having to carry around keys everywhere they go (which isn’t always convenient). However, these systems don’t provide any extra security protection so if someone steals your access card/fob then all bets are off.

Magnetic locks

Magnetic locks are commonly used for a variety of applications. This can include the revolving door, kitchen cabinets, entry doors, and even filing cabinets. There are many types of magnetic locks available that can be installed quickly, easily and securely on almost any surface or door.

The magnetic lock is a single, access controlled lock. It uses magnets to ensure that the door will only open when the right card is inserted into it.

Door Closer Locks

Door closer locks are designed to keep your door secure and help prevent unauthorized entry. They take the place of traditional door knobs. They can be placed almost anywhere that a traditional door knob is installed. Door closers are great for creating a safer environment in your home or office. This is especially great when you need quick access to an exit.

The door closer locks feature a spring-loaded bolt that locks in place automatically when the handle is lifted. This keeps your door in the closed position and eliminates many of the problems associated with conventional closer locks.

Master Key System Locks

Master key system locks are a reliable, secure and convenient way of securing entrances. They adapt to any number of lock types by simply adding additional cylinders to be used with the same core.

A master key system provides multiple points of access throughout your home. So that you don’t have to worry about keeping track of dozens of keys and managing which key is used for which door. Having a master key system also means that you can grant different levels of access to trusted family members and guests.

Restricted Key System Locks

Restricted key system locks are great low cost security devices. They restrict access to areas which are not routinely used. It can also be for storing stock in warehouses and lock-up garages where the front door cannot be securely locked due to the fixed location of offices etc. They open with a regular key, but must be removed with a special tool before they will open again. This can only be obtained from the company who sold it to you, or another professional locksmith.

Exit Device Hardware

Exit device hardware is the mechanical component of an electronic lock that allows a door to be opened from the outside. It can be found on both commercial and residential doors, although the latter is more commonly used for exterior doors.

This kind of device hardware usually consists of an exit button and a door-release lever. To open the door, you just push the button and pull on the lever at the same time. There are many different types of exit devices. Some have buttons that need to be pushed in order for them to work (these are called magnetic-break release bolts). Others have buttons that automatically pop out when you push on them (these are called automatic release bolts).

Exit devices usually have these main components:

  • A latch, which slides over the door frame when you close it and prevents it from being reopened until released by turning a key in its lock.
  • An electric strike box, which initiates contact with another part of your locking system when you open your exit device (usually with a key) to connect them electrically so they can communicate with each other. This ensures that if someone tries tampering with one component by disconnecting it from its wiring or disabling it via some other means, all other components will still work properly as intended. Because they’re still connected through their own respective connections between each other. Through wires running along each component’s housing that connects everything together in case something goes wrong somewhere. This is to make sure nothing ever breaks down during operations since these connections aren’t always visible. Unless someone looks carefully enough at where they might be located underneath those covers protecting them under normal circumstances.

Most rim exit devices come in variations with outside trim that provides a variety of functions. The exit only function does not allow entry to the door. While a classroom function utilizes an outside lock and key. A passage function operates with no locking or key option and only allows for passage. While storeroom or dummy trim is always inoperable.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are the most secure type of door lock. They require a pocket to be cut into the edge of a door to house the lock body, which makes them more expensive than standard cylindrical locks. Mortise locks also come in many varieties and can be installed in either side or top-hung applications.

Mortise locks are more secure than standard cylindrical locks and are available in many different types and styles. These kind of locks can be installed on either side or top-hung doors. They require a pocket to be cut into the edge of a door for mounting.

Cylindrical Locks

Cylindrical locks are the most common type, and they can be used on both doors and windows. They can come in many styles, including deadbolts and lever handles.


A deadbolt is a type of lock that secures a door by locking the door’s bolt into its strike plate (which is attached to the doorframe). This prevents anyone from opening or closing the door. This is because turning the knob doesn’t engage any internal mechanism inside the cylinder. If you have a traditional handle-and-latch style handle on your front door along with an internal deadbolt mechanism—this means that there are two separate mechanisms being used to secure your front entrance: one for opening/closing it normally; another for securing it from intruders from within or outside.

Lever Handles

Lever handle locks provide a lever that operates the lock in either direction. They are favored by many as they are better than no lock, but not as effective as deadbolts.

With a lever handle lock, you open the door by turning a handle. These locks are ideal for homes that are rarely used or only have one or two resident adults.

Getting Professional Help with Commercial Door Locks

If you are not sure which commercial door locks to use, your local locksmith can help. They will be able to provide advice for the best type of lock for your business and install it for you.

If you have an existing commercial door lock, it is important to keep it in good condition. You can ask for professional help in ways you can have them maintained. 

When looking for Locksmiths to help you install your Commercial Locks it is important to take the following steps to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Check their history

When searching for a professional locksmith to install your commercial locks, ask for references. Most companies will provide past customers’ contact information. The company’s history of installing commercial locks can also be easily found online by researching the business’s name. You can use phrases like “commercial locksmith”, “commercial security services”, or “commercial keyless entry systems”.

Check the BBB

When looking for a commercial locksmith to install your new locks, be sure to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) first. The BBB will provide you with information on each company, including complaints that were filed against them.

Check their stores and websites

When you need a locksmith to install your commercial locks, check their website and physical store. A good locksmith should have a professional website complete with a detailed price list and glowing testimonials from satisfied customers. Make sure the locksmith is open during business hours. This is so that you can stop by and check out their shop before agreeing to use their services.

Ask for licenses and Warranties

When looking for a professional locksmith to install your commercial locks, ask them to provide you with verifiable proof of insurance, license and warranties on their work. Having the proper insurance will protect you if something goes wrong during the installation process. This ensures that you’re not liable for any damages. You can also ask them to come back and fix or replace these locks if they are faulty or installed incorrectly. This will depend on the warranty clause of course. Be sure to take the time to read the details on the contracts.

Security should be a priority

Security should be a priority for every business owner. Regardless of how many units are under your control or how much money you have to spend on security, it’s vital that you take the necessary steps to protect your property and possessions. The goal is to make sure that no one can enter your unit if they’re not supposed to be there.

While you may think that having any regular lock will suffice, this isn’t always the case.

Call Safety Locksmith Las Vegas

Commercial door locks are a very important part of any business. With all the security breaches that have happened over the years, it’s not surprising that many companies want to make sure they’re covered when it comes to protecting their assets.

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