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All You Need to Know about Commercial locks

 If you own a business or a commercial property, you may have had that horrible moment in the middle of the night when you receive notice that your property was burgled. Maybe a recent employee has walked off the job with a set of your keys, and you’re not sure what to do about it. You suddenly realize that you need to change the locks quickly before something unfortunate happens.

Security concerns are a significant concern for Vegas commercial property owners. At Safety Locksmith, we understand entirely and want you to know that you’ll always have us as a quick and efficient backup for your security systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to any commercial locksmith problem in the Las Vegas area quicker than the competition. Your safety is our top priority. 

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Re-Keying or Upgrading Your Locks

If you have a former employee who has keys to your business, you may have worried about keeping them out. Our service technicians have years of experience at re-keying your existing locks without completely replacing them. We’ll grind you a new key for your old lock on-site with no trouble. You won’t have to worry about that former employee or your lost keys anymore.

You may be lost trying to get your commercial property up to current compliance with all of the state and federal regulations dictating which locks can go where. Call us for any lock or security questions. We’ll assess your property and your needs, and we’ll work with you to apply the best current locking solutions to all of your security needs.

Our technicians have years of experience installing new locks of every shape and size for businesses. We pride ourselves on being the best commercial locksmith in Las Vegas. Part of that is understanding the security needs of a commercial property better than its owners. 

Ensuring Your Security

After a break-in, your lock may not be in the best shape, but you still need to secure your property, even after the worst has already happened. Our 24-hour locksmith services can rapidly assess the condition of your lock and make repairs or adjustments if necessary, restoring your security and your peace of mind.

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve forgotten or misplaced a key. When it happens to a business or commercial property owner, you risk not only the security of your building but also your daily profits and financial security.

Our mobile locksmith vehicles come with a key grinder installed and technicians who know how to use it. We’ll make an affordable new key for you and have you back in and making profits before you know it.

Call us at any time if you need an emergency locksmith or reach out to set up a consultation for scheduled services. We have personnel standing by in Vegas 24/7 for all your locksmith needs.