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Unfortunately, if you’re looking for locksmithing services, that means something’s probably gone wrong.

And when things go wrong, you don’t often get to pick when they go wrong, you’ll have to deal with them then and there.

Or maybe you’re looking to get a locksmith to help you before things go wrong.

When it comes to your business, whether it’s a lockout or you need your locks rekeyed, it’s important that you get a locksmith to come help fast.

At Safety Locksmith, we offer commercial locksmithing services to help with any of your lock or key needs.

And we don’t just offer any locksmithing services, we offer high-quality locksmithing services at fast speeds so you don’t have to wait long for the job to get done.

Whether you’re looking for emergency services or want to give your business’ security an upgrade, we’re the locksmiths you’re looking for.

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Commercial locksmith service

24/7 Emergency Commercial Locksmith Services

When it comes to locksmiths, it’s important you work with one that operates 24/7.

You don’t want to get stuck waiting around all day(or night) for your locksmith to get to your business.

At Safety Locksmith, we know you need services fast and done right, so we’re here to do just that.

With a large team of highly-reliable technicians and vehicles to respond to any commercial needs at a moment’s notice, we’re the #1 locksmith in the Las Vegas Area.

Whether it’s a high-security lock you need to get into, or you need quick repairs to your lock, we’ve seen it all.

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Top-Quality Security Solutions For Your Business

The security and well-being of your business is no joke. 

It’s vital that you have systems in place that prevent any incidents from occurring, and some of the best lines of defense are professionally installed locks.

If there’s one area where you want to hire professionals to take care of the job, it’s your locks.

While it may seem like a great way to save costs by installing your own locks, we highly advise you let professionals take care of it for you.

Rather than responding to a break-in to your business because of faulty locks, it’s much better to prevent the break-in from happening in the first place.


At Safety Locksmith, we offer high-quality security solutions to keep your business safe from would-be intruders.

After all, that break-in could end up costing you fortunes, so instead of letting it happen, it’s important you make the investment to keep everything secure beforehand.

We’re happy to provide assistance and advice for any of your commercial locksmith needs. So if you’re in need of security revamp for your business, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!


Here are some of the most common questions we get about our commercial locksmith services.

Will I need the original key to get a replacement?

Nope, we can cut keys without the original on-hand.

We just moved into a new office, what steps can we take to ensure it’s secure?

You should either get your locks rekeyed, or replace them altogether. Rekeying locks in a new location is important, because if even the previous owners were trustworthy, you never know who’s hands the old keys may have fallen into since.

We’re locked out of our business, how fast can you get to us?

As a 24/7 business, speed is the name of the game. After you give us a call, we’ll be there ASAP so you don’t have to waste the day waiting for us. 

What’s a master key?

Unlike common perception, a master key that opens every existing lock doesn’t exist.

A master key is actually just a key that’s set up to open multiple locks that each have their own keys as well.

If you’d like us to set up a master key system for you, feel free to give us a call!

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