How Much Does It Cost to Change the Locks?

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How Much Does It Cost to Change the Locks?

Suddenly realizing that you need the services of a professional locksmith is never a happy moment. Understanding that your home or office locks are compromised can be traumatic for any property owner. At Safety Locksmith, we’re well aware of the fact that you never want to need us, but when you do, you need us quickly. 

We’re the best and most responsive mobile locksmith in Vegas, open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We understand that no one knows when they will need a quick and responsive technician on the scene. We’ve committed ourselves to respond to any home, office, or automotive emergency at a moment’s notice.

How We Set Our Prices

You may wonder just how much these services are going to cost you. Well, it depends on the level of security you want. More complicated and sturdier locks are more expensive than flimsier locks. More technologically-advanced locking systems are more expensive than simple deadbolts. However, our prices for the unit and installation are as reasonable as we can make them.

Residential locks come in all sorts of sizes and complexity. Simple entry door handle locks are adequate for average security, while high-tech electronic keyed entry locks add convenience and advanced features. Our prices start from 29.00 depending on the style of the lock and the level of security it offers.

We’re masters of lock security and lock replacement, so please ask us about the varying levels of our locking systems. Explain to us what your budget is and the level of protection you desire and let us help you come up with a reasonably-priced option to cover it.

Types of Locking Systems

Entry door locks are usually the simplest, involving little more than a keyed entry and tumbler. Naturally, they come in hundreds of different styles and complexities. If you’re interested in replacing your existing keyed entry, schedule an appointment with one of our qualified locksmiths. We’ll assess your door and provide you with the best options available.

Deadbolt locks are a more robust option if you’re looking to upgrade your security even further. They’re a simple system, but they provide the next level of protection by connecting a large, thick bolt directly with the door frame. This is a much more dependable option than your average lock, and it’s much more difficult to either pick or break.

These days, the top of the line locks for entry door security are electronic locks, which come in a variety of attractive styles to better match your entry door style. They are not cheap, but they’re incredibly versatile and easy to use. They often allow you to change the code of the entry without needing to replace the lock entirely. Some varieties of electronic entry locks even include deadbolt mechanisms for additional security.

Commercial locking mechanisms are even more expensive than residential options because the regulations for adequate commercial security are more stringent for insurance purposes. Also, commercial properties usually involve multiple entry points, which should all be keyed the same for ease of use as well as safety.

If you still have questions, please give Safety Locksmith a call. We’ll discuss your security needs and budget to help you find a solution that works for you.

Meta: The price of a replacement locking system varies substantially by the type and number of locks installed.


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