Safety Locksmith Las Vegas is here to help you with all your key fob programming needs. We're proud to announce that we successfully programmed a new key fob for our client in Las Vegas, NV. Here's how it happened:

Our client called us because his key fob was malfunctioning. The lock and unlock buttons weren't working properly, he couldn't unlock or lock his car from 50 feet away, and the range for the remote was diminishing. When he realized how long it had been since his key fob expired, he knew that he needed to replace it with a new one immediately. We arrived within the hour and immediately began working on the car's programming so that the new fob could be used without issue.

Now you may be wondering: how can a locksmith know the intricacies of programming a new fob? How can they also program the car so that the old one can no longer start the vehicle? In this article, we'll explain how!

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How Can a Locksmith Program a Key Fob?

Car key programming is a simple, straightforward process that can be done by any professional automotive locksmith. It starts with the model and makes of your car. Almost all of the US and Asian car companies provide their programming protocols with auto tool manufacturers, allowing these manufacturers to make software and hardware for programming new car keys. 

However, not all of these systems will work on every car, which is why it is an expensive purchase for a locksmith. Now after purchasing these systems, the locksmith will then connect their computers (that have the necessary software and hardware that works with your vehicle) to the OBD port, the one beneath your dashboard, and start programming a new key fob.

Now, when your locksmith starts programming a new car key fob, they are accessing the car's system using their computers with the software to allow the car to recognize your new car key fob. It will then remove your previous one from the car's system, ensuring that if your key fob was stolen, it will no longer have access to the locks and ignition of your car.

When Do You Need a Key Fob Locksmith?

Aside from losing your key fob or it's stolen, there are plenty of reasons why you need an automotive locksmith to program a new car key. 

First is the signal range, where you cannot lock or unlock the car from 60 feet away and you literally have to be inches away from the locks. Second is the delayed lock and unlock, where it takes a few couple seconds before the locks initiate. And lastly, multiple clicks of the lock and unlock buttons of the key fob to lock or unlock your doors.

Now it may be just your batteries are near their expiration, however,  if you've tried replacing the batteries and it still doesn't work, then you might need a locksmith to program key fob replacements.

Can You Program Your Own Key Fob?

Now the question arises, if a locksmith is unavailable, can you program a key fob on your own? You definitely can!

By looking into your repair manual, you can see the instructions on how to program your key fob. You can also buy an auto-key programmer via Amazon or eBay. These devices can help you program your key fob replacement so it can be recognized by the car as well as do more than just the key fob programming features. 

However, be aware that this tool can be expensive, and if you have an older car model, there are other auto key programmers that are cheaper but only works on older car models (Models from 2006 and older). Note that not all vehicles can be programmed on your own and will require the assistance of a locksmith or a car dealer.

How Much Does It Cost To Program Car Keys? 

Now if you opted to hire a locksmith to program new car keys/fobs, how much would it cost? The prices may vary on a bunch of factors but will definitely not cost you a liver. These factors include the car's model, year, and make, but most importantly, what type of key you need. All of the new car models have four different types of keys that need programming. 

However, if you still have an older vehicle that only requires a mechanical key, then you might not need this service. But without further ado, here are the four types of programmable car keys:

  • Transponder Keys - A normal key from old car models that has a chip (RFID Chip) in its plastic head.
  • Remote/Key Combos - A remote/key combo has the best of both worlds, being able to unlock/lock your car with just a single click as well as the security of a transponder key.
  • Car Key Fobs - These keys are more common in new models, but not that new. They also have buttons for locking and unlocking the car doors or trunks. Some types can also start the ignition. You also have access to override keys if your key fob has no batteries, which are located inside the car key fob.
  • Proximity Car Key Fobs - The most advanced car key. It can unlock the doors and start the car when you're near and can be seen on newer car models. 

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