Upcoming Events In Las Vegas 2021 That You Can’t Afford To Miss

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Las Vegas might be well known for dazzling casinos and partying. However, those aren’t the only things Sin City has to offer. If you’re trying to figure out fun things to do in Vegas, you’ll be spoiled with options regarding the number of events available. This beautiful desert oasis has a long list of fun and unforgettable events that aren’t found in any other city in the world. You can fly over the shimmering Vegas strip in a helicopter or pack your things and go for a fun hike at the Grand Canyon. You can also be part of incredible shows. Prepare to get wet while enjoying a rafting tour, have your wedding at the Graceland Chapel next to Elvis, enjoy meals in amazing restaurants that are Michelin-starred, among other fun Last Vegas events. It doesn’t matter whether you’re with your significant other, friends, or family; you’ll get to see that there’s a lot of things to do while you’re in Las Vegas.

The following are some of the fun upcoming events in Las Vegas that you can’t afford to miss. The tickets are affordable and relatively easy to book at different sites. You can get the tickets for most of the events at Vegas.com.

Enjoy Big Bus Tours

Getting on a bus tour is one of the best decisions you can make while in Vegas. The Big Bus Tour takes place in a sightseeing bus that’s London-style inspired with a double-decker and open top. While on the bus, you’ll be able to see everything in Vegas. It’s a hop-on, hop-off tour. You have guides with you who share the fun and informative stories about Vegas. You’ll learn how it ended up being one of the most well-known holiday destinations across the globe. You enjoy at your own pace. You can hop off, do whatever you want to do and then hop back on when you’re ready. It’s one of the best events in Las Vegas.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

This is a very exciting and interesting activity when it comes to Las Vegas events. It’s the leading wax museum in the world. While there, you get to enjoy walking on the red carpet alongside wax figures of some of the most famous celebrities. You’ll see top actors such as Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Will Smith, and Sandra Bullock. You can also rub shoulders with some of your favorite pop singers such as Beyonce or Michael Jackson. This wax museum makes it a reality for you to hang out and take some selfies with your favorite celebrities. The museum is open daily from 11 am till 6 pm, and the last entry is 5.45 pm.

Everything about it makes it one of the best among some of the upcoming events.
madame tussauds

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Extravaganza- The Vegas Spectacular

This event features some of the top Vegas-style entertainment acts. You can get a nightly live show at the popular Jubilee Theatre at Bally’s in Las Vegas. You just relax and enjoy a festival that features thrills and great people. There are sensual performances including 30 very talented and good looking performers. The extravaganza is spectacular, offering you a complete pageant imagination, skaters, top Las Vegas showgirls, acrobats, and ventriloquists, aerialists, among others. This is definitely one of the best events in Las Vegas as well. One more spectacular thing you’ll get to enjoy here is the heart-stopping “Globe Of Death” motorcycle act.

Shark Reef Aquarium

The Shark Reef Aquarium is found in Mandalay Bay, featuring a variety of sea animals. You’ll get to enjoy seeing over 2,000 animals, including a komodo dragon, piranha, sharks, endangered green sea turtles, and giant rays, among others. The inspiration behind the architecture is an ancient temple that gradually sinks deeper into the ocean. The prices are different for both adults and children. Of course, the children pay less.

Tape Face

If you don’t know who Tape Face is, this is the perfect opportunity. The clown, mine, prop comic, and busker is a spectacular and innovative performer. He was part of America’s Got Talent, where he continuously pleasantly surprised the audience. Attending one of his events will be completely fun. Sam Wills is the man behind the character, and he kind of looks like bonkers a little bit. He might appear to look a bit scary for some people, but he never does any harm. Looking like a bonkers is part of the whole act, and it makes everything even much more enjoyable. You’ll be on your toes waiting anxiously to see what will unfold next. This spectacular whimsical experience is fantastic for people of all ages and backgrounds

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