What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Car Keys

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Losing a car key can be quite devastating. But, if you have an alternative entry point or a spare key, it won’t be so much of a headache. The biggest worry is when none of these options is available for you. You aren’t sure whether the key has been stolen or misplaced. The former can be a little more depressing since you could lose your car as well. But, whatever the case, you should act as fast as possible to retrieve the keys of your car.

For most people, finding a locksmith is the first thing to do in the unfortunate event of a car lockout. Of course, this is the right step to take. Not only will a locksmith help to open the vehicle, but also make a new key for it. However, there are other fundamental steps to take in addition to finding a locksmith. In this article, we shall discuss all the things you need to do when you’ve lost your car keys.


What Should You Do Immediately You Realize The Key Is Lost?

Keep Calm and Try to Recall the Previous Events
It’s easy to get mixed-up when you get locked out of your car. But, the most prudent thing to do at that moment is to stay calm. Settle your mind and calm down your nerves. This will enable you to think correctly and to act wisely. Once your mind is settled, you should start taking stock of all the happening preceding the current turmoil. Where did you go? Who did you meet? And, when did you last see the keys of your car? You’ll be on the right track if you get answers to these questions.

Search Everywhere Around You

You’ve taken stock of the immediate events. The next thing is to do a visual search. Trace your steps back to every place you had visited. If you had sat in a hotel, check under the table and the couch you used. Check the washroom if you had taken a trip there. It would also help to ask around. The final shot will be to recheck your pockets and bags – turn them inside out, and you might as well find the keys stuck in a corner.

Look For the Keys Inside the Car

Perhaps the key you are looking for is right inside the car. It is not unusual to lock keys inside a vehicle. If you peep through the window and see the key lying inside, then there is no need to worry. All you need to do is to call a locksmith to retrieve the keys. They may also get you a spare to be on the safe side in the future. If the key is not in the car, you’ll need to move to the next step.

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Call the Police and Your Insurance Company

It is essential to call the police if you suspect that the keys of your car have been stolen. The police will be necessary for two reasons. First, they may trail the thief using documents that may have been stolen along with the keys. Secondly, they will provide a report about the incident. The police report is very crucial when making claims with insurance companies. Besides that, you should immediately notify your insurance company of the incident. The insurer may send you the necessary assistance on-site if your coverage allows it. If not so, you can later claim for the locksmith or towing costs you have incurred. Do not forget to call your car tracking company. This step is crucial if you suspect that the keys of your auto were stolen. The company will disable the old keys making it impossible for the thief to start the car engine.

Call a Professional Automotive Locksmith Service

A professional car locksmith is an ultimate solution to your problem. It is more cost-effective to hire a locksmith than a dealership. Besides that, you won’t be bothered about programming your keys since your locksmith can replace the old key. However, be cautious about locksmith scams. You want to entrust your car to a professional and reputable locksmith. Check the following things before you hire a locksmith:
  • License and insurance – A license proves that the locksmith is well trained and professional in their work. On the other hand, insurance guarantees you compensation for damages that may be caused by technicians when working on your car.
  • Reputation – You can know if a company is reputable or not through online reviews and references.
  • Availability – A good locksmith should provide speedy and reliable services. Choose a service provider with round-the-clock and mobile operations.
  • Prices – Choose the locksmith whose rates are within your reach. Be cautious about overpriced services and the overly cheap ones that are usually of low quality.

Get a Key Replacement and Spare Key

There is a sigh of relief after an auto lockout is sorted out. But, do not relax just yet since the incident can recur in the future. You can avoid such headaches by having a spare key. Whether you are using a smart key, fobs, or traditional keys, a good locksmith with cut a spare for you. Once you discover that you’ve lost the keys of your automobile, calm down, and do not panic. There is always a chance of finding your key after losing it. So, first, check for the keys in the immediate surroundings. Look inside the car also – you might have locked them inside. The next step is to call the police officers to make an incident report and track the thief if you suspect theft. You should also inform your insurance company in the immediate aftermath of the incident. This is to solidify your claim. It would also help to request your car tracking company to disable the lost keys. But, most importantly, a car locksmith will get you out of the mess by replacing your lost key and getting you a spare one.

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