Frequently Asked Questions


Safety Locksmith is the leading garage door repair company in Las Vegas, NV. We are here to provide you with answers to your most frequently asked questions and make sure that you know what type of service we offer.

Locksmiths are fully trained professionals with state-of-the-art equipment that have bypassed many locks of all types. A trained locksmith won’t damage your car, but if you’re worried you can always take the precaution of parking it somewhere secure while the lock is being unlocked.

There are two cases of concern here, one being the quality of service and the other being safe for your automobile. Theoretically speaking, a locksmith should have no access to your vehicle at any point in time so the structural integrity is assured.

ReKey is a locksmith term, and it means to replace the key used in a lock. The word “rekey” is often shortened to just “key.” Rekeys are often done when someone has lost their keys or needs extra keys for security purposes. A locksmith will generally take the old key out of an existing lock, cut off any metal shanks that have been protruding from the sides, put in a new key with different profile shapes, and return everything back into place so you can use your lock again.

A bump-proof lock is a lock that cannot be opened by bumping it with specialized tools.

Bump-proof locks are locked without the use of keyholes, which means that traditional lock-picking attempts will not work. Lock picking techniques involve inserting various instruments into the keyhole to manipulate parts of the bolt or latch mechanism attached directly to or inside the hole to open the door. Bump-proof locks combat this attack vector by moving all locking mechanisms below grade (often protected by two hefty deadbolts) and into one of these cylinders – each cylinder only receives power if both bolts are secure before entering their recesses for opening.

At Saftey Locksmith Las Vegas, NV the answer is yes! We provide homeowners with residential locksmith services for opening doors and making new keys. We take joy in providing our customers great customer service every day — and we want to make sure we provide the best service possible for all our Las Vegas customers.